Konopáč is cheese from milk with no heat treatment

Konopáč contains

fresh sheep milk (from Easter to Halloween), fresh cow milk (from Halloween to Easter), salt, unstripped hemp seed (softened with warm water, in BIO-quality), hemp leaf.
Konopáč cheese does NOT contains any NARCOTIC

Konopáč and „how its made...“

Home cheesmaking at sheep farm in Brníčko.
The drum, where is mixed and warmed coming fresh and mellowing cheese,
cottage cheese (RICOTTA), sheep cheese and smoked cheese as well.
Everything made by original Slovak and Italian recipe. Now improved with hemp ingrediences.

Konopáč and durability

Fresh Konopáč last till 7 days in the fridge. Vacuum-packed fresh cheese last in the fridge till 14 days, after opening 3-5 days.

Matured Konopáč is at least 3 months mellowing cheese from cow or sheep milk in steady temperature and humidity with added hemp seed. Farmer wishes experiments and first 4kg cheese-cake is already mellowing. Wish that seed will not grow till spring:)))

Konopáč and price

Fresh or smoked Konopáč 500,- Kč / kg (25 Eur / 35.274oz), standart size is aproximately 150g (5.29oz)
Matured cheese Konopáč is 700,-Kč / kg, standard size is cca 4kg (aproximately 140 Eur / 140oz)

Make of each Konopáč begin after You order, so its always fresh. In
Prague You can pick it up, or we can send it in Czech republic cash
on delivery. Write, how much of Konopáč You want, and we answer
when, and for how much, you can have it.
Send SMS +420732623930 or info@syr-konopac.cz
and we will get back to You.